The Data Checking Test

The key objective of a data checking test is to check an applicant’s basic analytical skills and ability to spot errors under pressure.

Commonly used when recruiting for roles which require data entry or a keen eye for detail, data checking exercises require candidates to identify errors in various pieces of information which appear on screen.

Our data checking tests present a block of information such as an address or email. The applicant is shown 4 similar blocks of information from which 3 are different in some way, such as a spelling mistake or transposition error for example. The candidate must pick which of the 4 answers is identical to the question, thereby eliminating those answers containing errors or incorrect data.

As with all of our tests, the number of questions and time available can be modified or you can use the default test types provided. A maximum of 50 questions can be included and the time limit can be varied to a maximum of around 10 minutes.

Of course if your business requires a more bespoke approach, please contact us to discuss your needs.

your questions

your time limit

the route to success

Our platform is designed to give you flexibility while keeping things simple. You can administer our data checking tests in almost any way you see fit, including:

- Test your applicants remotely by emailing a testing key. At no extra cost, we can email them for you.
- Test your applicants at your premise as part of an assessment centre.

The applicant is sent the web link to our testing page, where they must enter their testing key. Once a valid key has been entered, they are able to take the checking test on our website - no special software is needed, just use a web browser to access the tests.

Data Checking Features

Customisable tests
Anti-cheat systems
No special software required

Environment Features

Customisable marking criteria
Remote or on-site tests
Secure - 128 bit encryption

Applicant Management

Instant test results
Track candidate progress
Set test deadlines
10 Tests
  • All features provided
  • All tests
  • All options
£6 per test
£60 total
Save 17% 25 Tests
  • All features provided
  • All tests
  • All options
£5 per test
£125 total
Save 33% 100 Tests
  • All features provided
  • All tests
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£4 per test
£400 total
Save 50% 500 Tests
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£3 per test
£1,500 total

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Rigorous test of candidate focus

As an employer, you’ll want to know how attentive your candidates are. They must be able to spot errors and rectify them in a timely manner. Our systems put candidates to the test, helping to support any claims made on their CV or application and also compare their results to the competition.

Easy comparison of results

Depending on the industry you are recruiting for, you may want to test a candidate’s ability to hold their nerve under pressure. For instance, in highly pressurised financial sector jobs, you will want to keep mistakes to a minimum. This is why we provide you with the results in a clear and concise way for ease of comparison between candidates, and if you want more detail, you can also download all of the data in an excel file.