Numerical Reasoning Test

Our numerical reasoning test has been designed to asses an applicants' ability to interpret information and use their numerical skills to calculate the answer for a given question.

There are a number of different formats that questions could use, including: graphs and charts, tabular and text to name but a few. Using a wide variety of questions we can test all aspects of a candidates numerical ability and numeracy skills. The questions will also test the candidates' ability to determine where data is relevant to the question and where it isn't.

Typically, the numerical reasoning test has less questions than our other tests as the time taken to answer a numerical question is typically longer. Our standard test contains 25 challenging questions the various formats described above. As with all of the tests we offer, the number of questions and time limit for each can be varied depending on your needs.

Numerical tests are used in the majority of job positions, including, engineering, accountancy, administration & others.

your questions

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The questions found within the tests are broadly comparable to secondary-level education (GCSE). Candidates must be able to perform the following operations successfully: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, analysing graphs & tables and more. The candidates will also cover a number of topics including (but of course not limited to) unit conversions, speed / distance, percentages, costings & budgets, ratios, BODMAS.

While the mathematical ability required is not extremely high, the order in which these operations must be performed can be challenging. The added complexity of being able to find the relevant information required to answer the questions can make these more demanding, compounded by the limited time available for the candidates to complete the tests.

We do recommend that candidates have use of a calculator when taking the numerical test.

As with all of our tests, you can apply your own marking formula. This includes, negative marking (deduct points for incorrect answers) & performance bonuses (such as, accuracy), see the portal for more information.

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Save time and resources

Saving time and resources are key to any business.

Our psychometric tests are housed in a simple, easy to use platform that is designed to be intuitive to use. Using numerical reasoning tests alongside other recruitment tests should highlight those individuals who are performing ahead of their peers, thereby minimising the number of applications / CV's you need to review and the number of interviews you need to conduct!

No need for specialist software

The entire RoundedPeople system can be accessed simply with a web browser. No need for specialist software or complex plug-ins to manage your recruitment process. Candidates should also not need to install anything on their computers in order to access the tests, making RoundedPeople a less intrusive solution to psychometric testing.