Invite candidates to complete tests at your premises under direct supervision or a format that suits you. Having more oversight of the testing process allows you to ensure candidates complete assessments under exam conditions and also give you the option to conduct interviews straight after for speedy recruitment!

Tests are marked automatically in a matter of moments. These tests can be combined with remote testing to identify weaker candidates prior to assessment center testing.

Run multiple tests simultaneously with a single supervisor; our platform can support dozens of simultaneous testing sessions. Tests are then marked automatically on completion, allowing the supervisor to review the scores in minutes, including any suspicious behaviour which may be an indication of foul play.

We do not need any personal identifiable information about your candidates for testing - all you'll need to do is generate the desired number of testing keys which you can then pre-load onto a browser webpage.

Example recruitment process with psychometric testing:

  1. Candidate applies for your role on your website (or similar method)
  2. Initial review of eligibility criteria
  3. Invite candidates to your premises to complete tests
  4. Visit RoundedPeople's testing platform on computers and enter each candidate's unique test key
  5. Candidate completes their tests
  6. Tests are automatically marked providing you with scoring metrics
  7. Download results in an excel format or manage online, to select the top scoring candidates
  8. The top candidates progress on your next stage (interviews for example)

An alternative option is to test candidates remotely.

If you wish to discuss your options, please get in touch.