Test candidates in any location quickly and easily. Invite your candidates to complete the relevant tests and our system allows them to complete the assessments in their own time, anywhere they have access to the internet.

Easily integrate psychometric testing into your existing recruitment processes and reduce time spent interviewing candidates who may not suit the role. Our system is simple to use and only requires an email address to get started. You can also issue codes directly to your candidates where email addresses cannot be shared with us for whatever reason. Minimal input is required from your team, maximising the efficiency of your recruitment drive.

Example recruitment process with psychometric testing:

  1. Candidate applies for the role on your website (or similar method)
  2. Initial review of eligibility criteria
  3. Invite shortlisted candidates to take a psychometric test with RoundedPeople
    • Compile email address and upload to RoundedPeople - we'll then email them for you
    • or generate testing keys (you won't need to provide email addresses) - you'll need to distribute these keys
  4. Candidate loads our testing platform and completes their tests
  5. Tests are automatically marked providing you with scoring metrics
  6. Download results in an excel format or manage online, to select the top scoring candidates
  7. The top candidates progress on your next stage (interviews for example)

An alternative option is to hold assessment days at your premises.

If you wish to discuss your options, please get in touch.