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Streamline your hiring process with our easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective candidate testing service. Focus on interviewing only the most qualified candidates, saving valuable time and resources.

At RoundedPeople, we specialize in unique pre-employment tests tailored to your organization's specific needs. Conveniently administer these tests either remotely or in a traditional assessment center environment. Stay informed with real-time updates on test completions, track candidate progress seamlessly, and effortlessly compare results to identify top talent.

Our professional-grade tests are crafted to enhance your recruitment strategy. Discover more about our comprehensive selection tests.

Incorporate psychometric testing into your recruitment process

Classroom testing

Invite candidates to an assessment day on your premises, giving you complete control over the test conditions. No special software needed, simply create unique candidate keys for each candidate and use an internet browser for test access.

Remote testing

Invite candidates to complete online assessments in their own time. A simple and effective solution for filtering applicants during the initial phases of the application process, minimising strain on your human resources team.

Custom solutions

Need a unique solution? Our system is extremely flexible and can therefore be modified for your needs. If you require additional features or even some assistance integrating the system into your recruitment process, please get in touch.

Simple to use, easy to integrate

Our candidate testing service was designed to save you time; set your job position, invite candidates and then analyse your ranked candidates.

We have flexible plans to suit your business or organisation, whether you're looking to test 5 or 5,000 candidates.

By testing candidates before interview, you can minimise recruitment costs and free up employees to work on other projects while still ensuring the best talent is joining your business.

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Our psychometric tests

Spatial Reasoning

Test your candidates spatial awareness and ability to solve problems. Also known as diagrammatic tests, these assessments also include arranging/mirroring objects, constructing shapes/patterns and folding 2d nets into 3 dimensional objects.

Data/Error Checking

The ability to spot mistakes in data is clearly an important skill. Popular with employers of many professions where data is handled, the error checking tests require the candidate to identify mistakes and spot identical strings of information from a list of possible answers.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical ability is an important skill in many careers. Test candidates in all elements of numeracy and their ability to interpret information provided to them. Content rich questions cover a wide variety of topics highlight the strongest candidates.